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Symis port view is breathtaking: A neoclassical settlement of wonderful houses with colorful facades that is built on rocks.

But what about the hidden gems this island hides?

If you ever find yourself wondering at the mesmerizing island of Symi, you should be a part of the daily cruises with Maria Traditional Boat. Symi’s last handmade traditional boat will offer you a magical journey. Maria Traditional Boat leaves every day the neoclassical settlement and the colorful facades to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

This traditional boat, not only provides you with a simple tour around Symi’s magnificent beaches, but it offers you the opportunity to explore and indulge in the crystal clear waters of the island’s beaches while tasting delicious homemade traditional Greek food, drinks, and, of course, folk music to accompany your meal. One thing is certain: when the cruise comes to an end, what will stay in your memory and heart are the unparalleled beaches, the amazing Greek food, the politeness of the local people, and the impeccable manners of the crew that will be at your services at all times!

If you are up for this fascinating experience, all you have to do is book your seat! Maria Traditional Boat departs at 10.30 daily from the picturesque port of Symi.

See you onboard!

The departure from the picturesque port of Symi is at 10:30. Upon departure we offer coffee, water or tea with a handmade delicious pastry. At each stop the passenger has the opportunity to swim and enjoy the cool clear waters. At the third stop we offer handmade spinach pies and a glass of the famous Greek ouzo. The last stop serves buffet food – a full menu with traditional cuisine & BBQ – and of course juicy watermelon on our return to the port of Symi.

The traditional boat Maria runs once a day, sometimes in the north and sometimes in the south of the island so that the visitor can tour and discover every secret and non-secret beach of the island.

In the northern part of the island you will have the chance to visit the following stunning beaches:

In the south part of the island you will have the chance to visit the following stunning beaches:

Toli Bay

Toli Bay is a beautiful and secluded pebble bay on the far side of the island of Symi that offers a picturesque view of the bay that will leave you breathless and excited throughout your journey.

Agia marina Bay

Agia Marina is a small sandy beach almost opposite the homonymous rocky island with the chapel of Agia Marina. It offers amazing scenery and a soothing place.


Maroni bay is a pebbly beach, northwest of Yalos. It has beautiful pine trees that give an exotic sense and is ideal for those who look for relaxing moments and seclusion.

Nanou Bay

This beautiful beach is accessible only by boat. It has large pebbles and wonderful emerald waters.

Fokospilia Bay

Fokospilia means seal cave. The magnificent Fokospilia caves are in the middle of the eastern side of the island. You will never forget the shades of blue of the sea around and inside the caves. Fokospilia, is a well-hidden beach where, you never know, seals may be spotted!

Saint George Bay

It is the most impressive beach in the island and it is characterized by a vertical rock 300m high which offers its shadow as well.

Agios Aimilianos Bay

Be prepared for an amazing view, a traditional monastery, and a magical place that gives you the opportunity to reflect and recharge your batteries.

Taviri Bay

Taviri beach is a remote and quiet pebbly beach. Surely, you’ll find peace and relaxation while getting refreshed from the emerald waters.

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